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We Offer Cash For House wants you to know exactly what to expect from us. Your peace of mind and clarity on how it works starts right here. You have questions and we have the answers. Our offer is not based on your situation or how desperate you want to sell so don’t worry, we won’t low ball you or take advantage of you, our offer is based solely on numbers. We know getting the cash you need quickly and having that peace of mind once again is very important to you but you want to know….

CT Home BuyersHow do you calculate my offer?

CT Home Buyers Is this a legal transaction?

CT Home BuyersIf I accept the offer and say”Yes” what’s next?

CT Home BuyersWhat if i decline and I say “NO” what’s next?

CT Home BuyersWhat time frame can I expect my money and my problem gone?

How The Process Works

But Why Should I Give You Any Information? (Just Make Me an Offer Now)

Imagine you enjoy buying cars, fixing and then selling them.  We have a car we are thinking about selling to you but we demand you make us an offer. That means you’ll have to make a complete guess-ti-ma-tion  (Not sure if that’s a word). How crazy is that, you’ll have nothing to work with. You don’t know the make of the car, year, mileage, damage or previous accidents but more importantly you cannot do any research in the Kelly Blue Book, you have no information. What do you offer ? We won’t know either!

Just like the car, without information such as the address and a few details, like bedrooms/baths and condition of the property, it’s impossible to give you our best and highest offer that we are able to pay… we want to give you our best!  So the first step to getting your offer in 24 hours or less would be to fill out the form below.

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Get Your Cash Offer

We Close & You Receive Your Cash

How Do You Calculate My Cash Offer?

Of course, the Math!

So let’s get to the Math and if you are anything like us, and want to skip the reading and confusing formulas, we suggest clicking on this short video here that will explain how we calculate your cash offer. This video uses an example made simple to give you an overall idea of how we calculate all our offers. Of course the numbers varies because each house is different, but you’ll get a really good idea. The moment of truth!

Some homeowners have had mortgages that were a lot higher than a cash offer would allow, that doesn’t mean we cannot help. If that’s your situation just let us know.

When You Say Yes To Our Offer!

Are You Giving Me A Check Right Now?No. Once our offer is accepted, we will not be writing out a check to you immediately. You will receive your cash in hand as soon as the closing is completed with our Title Company. A wire to your bank account, a check can be mailed out to you or the check can be picked up at their local office at your earliest convenience. Have it your way!

What To Expect Once You Accept The Offer

More Details Please?

  • An electronic agreement will be sent to look over and sign. Feel free to also have your legal team look the agreement over, we have nothing to hide. We can also arrange a face to face visit for signatures if you prefer.
  • Our title company receives the agreement from our office and begins the closing process. They are the neutral 3rd party that ensures everyone gets what is due to them according to the agreement. It’s a totally legal process!
  • We visit the property (this gives us a better idea of what our renovation team would need to work their magic on).
  • Once closed, the title company will then wire your cash to the bank you provided them, overnight a check to you, or you can choose to pick up your check at their local office.
  • Remember- We pay your closing costs so when we give you an offer, that offer is what you will walk away with ( of course minus any mortgage payoff, taxes, or other encumbrances on the property).

How Long Will It Take To Close (Probate)?

Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone passes. You would have to prove in court that your loved one’s will is valid, identifying family, listing, and counting the deceased person’s property, distributing the remaining assets as the will or state law, if there’s no will.

So here is the simpler version… of why you must go through the probate process, you cannot sell us a house that you do not legally own. That is illegal. The probate process will allow the transfer to the responsible party’s names legally. The probate process can take from 6-12 months.

When You Say No

When you say No…..We say “Thank You For Taking the time to reach Out To Us” and even if we were not the right buyer for you, we hope that the interactions you’ve had with us, was a kind one that made your day a bit better.


Please ask about our other ways in which we could help you, sometimes we have sellers that their mortgages are a lot higher than a cash offer would allow, that doesn’t mean we cannot help you just let us know.

We have experts on our team that have creative ways in which we can still help solve your problem at no cost to you. We buy several other ways in which you still pay no realtor’s fees or closing costs. So Just Ask!

See what we can offer you for your house…

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