Sell My House Without An Agent in Florida

Is it possible to sell your house fast in Florida without paying a real estate commission?

  • Yes, you can sell your house without a real estate agent.
  • Real estate agents charge commission on the sale of a property. The standard rate is 6% of the selling price, which gets paid at closing by the seller. So if you are selling your house for $500,000 and the commission is 6%, then out of that $500,000 sales price you would pay $30,000 in realtor fees!
  • You can instead sell your home to a professional house-buying company like ours and skip paying those commissions! We will buy your home as-is for cash and make sure that all paperwork is processed correctly so that we can close quickly.

It’s only possible when you sell your house directly to a cash buyer.

It’s possible to sell your house without paying a real estate agent commission. Not because you’re going to be selling it yourself, but because you’re selling it directly to a cash buyer who is not a real estate agent or brokerage.

Cash buyers are people or companies that buy houses in need of repair and renovation, fix them up, and then rent them out or resell the homes for a profit. They buy homes at fair market value and don’t charge any fees when they buy houses.

How do you find such a buyer?

You can find such a buyer by taking the following steps:

Visit the websites of highly rated buyers in Florida and get comfortable with their offers. Make sure that you are dealing with an honest, transparent company that is willing to work with you to meet your needs.

Contact those companies for more information about what they do and whether or not they can help you sell your home without an agent. can be contacted by filling out our online form. Once you contact us, we will contact you directly as soon as possible so that we can answer any questions that you might have and evaluate your house properly so that we can make the best offer possible for your home.

You can access the services of such buyers by contacting them through their websites like

So, if you are thinking of selling your house without the help of an agent in Florida, then this article is for you. The fact that you have decided to sell your house in Florida means you are conscious about how stressful and cumbersome it can be when trying to sell a home without an agent. But, there is no need to panic; the sale of houses without agents has become easier because there are a lot of options available at your disposal today.

One of such ways to sell a house is by contacting real estate investors who buy houses in any part of Florida regardless of the condition or even price. You can access the services of such buyers by contacting them through their websites like or (954) 678-6766.

In fact, they purchase property at fair market prices and are mostly interested in buying houses without Realtor commissions or fees and work directly with homeowners.

In fact, they purchase property at fair market prices and are mostly interested in buying houses without Realtor commissions or fees and work directly with homeowners.

Unlike real estate agents that want to list your house in the MLS, these companies will often make you an all-cash offer within 24 hours of seeing the property. The best part? They do not charge any fees or commissions! This means that you get to keep 100% of your equity instead of paying thousands of dollars to a Realtor just for selling your house. They can even close in as little as seven days so that you can move on with your life quickly and painlessly.

If you sell the traditional way, you may have to invest in fixing your home before selling it for retail prices.

You may have heard that—in Florida, anyway—it’s illegal to advertise your home for sale without an agent. Technically, this is true. It’s also not a very good idea. Sure, it costs you money and time to try selling your property in this manner. But more than that, you’ll run the risk of having to finally fix up the house before it goes on the market at full price (or close enough to it). And if your house is still in need of repair or replacement when you put it up for sale, you’ll probably be forced to sell it at a loss rather than not having enough time or money left over from selling a home as-is (which will likely take months), and then hoping that said repair or replacement takes place while the deal is still going through. There’s no telling whether any potential buyers will wait around until after all of those repairs are done before closing the deal on your home—and even if they do, how many months will it take?

You can save yourself from having to pay a real estate agent commission if you sell your house for cash to a home buyer.

If you need to sell your house in Florida and don’t have time to wait for a realtor, then there is an easy solution. You can choose to sell it without an agent or broker by opting for a cash buyer. The reason why this is such an excellent choice is because home buyers typically don’t require sellers to pay any commission fees, which means that more money remains in your pocket at the end of the closing process. Want to speed things up even more? Then you should pick a buyer that allows you to close whenever it works best for you.

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